Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What a Parade Route--Big Lake on the Left and Big Hotel on the Right!

Sad that I never got an actual photo of Mike (and Laurie). Sorry about that. The lupines in front of the hotel were pretty. I love this smiley picture of Tamara's profile and Ranger Owen's big grin. Ranger Tom is funny behind the camera. He was trying to photograph us as we drove by, but I kind of ruined that I guess. I tried to zoom in on the rear view of the ambulance because...those ladies were having WAAAAY too much fun driving that thing and playing with the sirens. The pavement behind TR in the last photo is where they land choppers for folks who get extremely sick and injured in the park.

A word about Volunteer Susan--heart of glee and gold! She borrowed that fishing vest from a neighbor where they park their fifth wheel and then she cut up a Junior Ranger booklet to bling out her vest. Hair in pigtails and pant legs rolled up. In her words, "You learn a few things when you work for Disney." I just put on my uniform and headed over without much of a plan. Susan is AMAZING!!!
For many reasons on many levels, the opportunity we've had to enjoy living deep in Yellowstone National Park at a little place called Fishing Bridge is the hand of God in our lives. Blessings galore!

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  1. Loved your narration, as usual. Also loved the photos of Ranger Owen & Ranger Tom - really shows their personalities.