Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Missionary Packs Up and Says His Goodbyes

It was a morning of finishing up the laundry, labeling everything, and packing the suitcases. Folding pants, matching socks...a missionary in our home! I'm so glad I was granted the opportunity to see my nephew and to spend his last couple of pre-MTC days with him. He's such a great kid! He is 18 and 1/4 years old with quite the resume from high school. He is obedient and stalwart. He will make a great missionary. I'm so impressed with his parents and all they've taught him. I made him eat his morning raspberries with chopsticks so he could practice. It was SO NICE having guests in our home!!!

Amy took Alex into a bedroom to say goodbye to him personally. Kevin gave him a Father's Blessing. We got a little emotional and teary eyed, but mostly we were all so excited for this opportunity! He's going to learn SO much on this mission!

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