Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mount Vernon--our last day

Best part of the day was the wreath ceremony at Washington's tomb, complete with veterans, fife music, the pledge, and the national anthem. It was a GREAT emotional experience. God Bless America! I snapped a photo with my roommate--she was perfect. Super early riser, quick, efficient...hardly saw her (perhaps she despised me?). And Condita and her team made the trip more fun--great peeps. I was wishing the whole time our whole team could have gone together, but no one else was interested in applying with me (perhaps they despise me? starting to feel parnoid). I only lost 0.2 pounds on the trip. I thought it HAD to be more because there was no snacking between meals (except for apples if I remembered to grab one) and I drank SO much water and I was perspiring ALL the time and doing a lot of walking. But nope, just 0.2. 14 sites in 5 days! That's a lotta standing while not leaning and not touching and not taking pictures and listening to various guides/docents/interpreters spew forth a LOT of American History in minute detail! This was my fourth lifetime visit to the DC/Virginia area and every single one of these sites was new to me!

Now I have to drag K back and do it all over! And I started a new book this morning called Jefferson's Sons.

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