Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Away

We don't need much of an excuse to run away together. This time it was San Diego. Our jet landed in Long Beach on Thursday morning and our bags were right there when we arrived to claim them. The rental car was literally across one narrow street from baggage claim and five minutes later we were on our way to Disneyland (K's FIRST TIME EVER)!

Did you know that a fresh apple at Disneyland will set you back two bucks? We were gouged twenty-five dollars for lunchtime sandwiches. Other than that, we didn't spend any money at Disneyland. We rode all the rides and had a lot of fun. We were lucky that the weather was nice and the lines moved along rapidly. We just enjoyed ourselves but didn't take any photos because we walked into the place with nothing but t-shirts, jeans, and Visa debit cards in our pockets. We got a kick out of the locomotive/train ride ("And here's the Grand Canyon as we know it today, Folks!"). And then...

We went next door with our park hopper pass to California Adventure. Loved Soarin' Over California and loved California Screamin'! In fact, when we got off the roller coaster, we got right back in line to do it again (J kept her eyes OPEN the whole ride on the second time). We were sorely tempted by the eight dollar turkey legs, but managed to resist. After having all our fun, we took off for San Diego. We checked in and then treated ourselves to a lovely Mexican dinner. Ah...vacation.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Powdered Sugar

We spent some time today in Green Canyon (Logan). I must have heard K use the expression "powdered sugar" forty times! He would rather have been hitting the slopes, but we settled on snowshoeing for our wholesome family recreation. We love to spend time together walking/hiking/snowshoeing. For both of us, nature truly nurtures and we feel physically and mentally refreshed.

Other things we did this weekend: ate out at Winger's (best chicken tortilla soup), attended Church in Brigham City, drove around the Brigham City temple construction site, enjoyed ham and potatoes from the crockpot (K's new recipe), talked to K's dad, patronized a sports grill called Aggy's (great Thai pork salad), ate Aggie ice cream, visited K's cousin, stopped by the cheese factory, shoveled snow, recycled cardboard, and MORE!

One of the many nice things K said to me today was, "Thanks for getting me out snowshoeing, Sweetie." The thanks is truly mine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I took my class snowshoeing today and it was the best! We couldn't have asked for nicer weather--sunny, mild, clear. I love sharing nature with children!!! I love watching children in nature! We were so lucky that it all worked out.

Chomping at the bit!

Snowshoer down. Many students experimented with this idea today. Sliding, rolling, crawling, wallowing, name it!

Snowshoes off, snowshoes on. Theme of the day!


The Mamas--couldn't do it without parent chaperones! Kiss, kiss!

Snowshoe Angel

Sundance Scenery

I hope they loved it as much as I did!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun Dips and Ring Pops (and Roses)

It was a glorious day! My Sweetheart did some really great things (dinner, roses, etc.), but the VERY BEST THING we did was go for a walk. Joyous! Such beautiful weather for February. I love him. I LOVE HIM!!!

A finely constructed bird nest made from natural AND man-made materials! Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without (I always say)! I wonder if Mother Bird brags about her nest being warmer and better able to block the wind.

On to the Valentine Party. A mother at Church was incredulous that her son received FIVE Fun Dips at his preschool party. Well, Folks, I'm here to confess that I received THREE. Fortunately, I don't find Fun Dips quite as tempting as Lindt Truffles, but my husband had NEVER HEARD OF FUN DIPS (gasp!) and couldn't believe it when I explained the whole procedure and then went on to finish this unique teaching moment by saying, "Afterward you can eat the stick." His response, also incredulous, was, "REAL-LY???" Yes, really. He kept the Cherry flavor to try it out for himself., just gotta "check out" your loot...even when you're involved in a group activity!

Festival of Ring Pops!

Ring Pop Results!

Some people are more serious about Valentine's Day. I've never seen quite this much effort! A good time was had by all.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seating Arrangements

We change desks in the classroom every month. You know, switch things up a bit. We were having parent teacher conferences and so I printed progress reports. The children rapidly began preparing their speeches in order to explain things to their parents (kind of like defense lawyers). In the midst of all of this, I heard complaints. Whining. The most popular excuse was something like, "I can't concentrate on my work because I sit next to so-and-so." I LOVE the Blame Game!

I decided to throw this out to the children. HOMEWORK: "Write a letter to me tonight explaining who it is you think might keep you from doing your best work if they were sitting near you. I'll consider your thoughts while making the new seating chart." Of course, I would READ these papers, but I wasn't making any inner commitments to actually go by them. I totally read every word AND I did consider their thoughts. Here we go!

From a boy: "I should not be seated by...a list of ten names."
From a boy: "Dear Mrs. Kyburz, I probably shouldn't sit by...a list of fifteen names...and that's probably it."
From a girl: "I can't sit by...a list of eleven names..., but I can sit by everybody else."
From a boy: "I think I should sit right next to M because we are very good at math."
From a boy: (simply submitted a list of sixteen names)
From a girl: "Dear Mrs. Kyburz, For our seating arrangement, I don't want to sit by...a list of seven names."
From a girl: "I want to be by my friends, even though I know it won't happen. Just don't put me name.
From a boy: "Dear Mrs. Kyburz, I don't think I should sit by...a list of fourteen names... Thanks for listening!"
From a girl: "I want to sit by...a list of three names."
From a girl: "People I won't talk to:...a list of eight names. People I will talk to:...a list of twelve names. The rest I don't care."
From a girl: "Well, you should NOT put me by...a list of nine names...or really anyone that makes me laugh including...two more names. I just don't think I should get put more name. I think you SHOULD put me by...two more names...and really all the other people like them. I am just saying it is hard for me to see, so maybe up closer to the front. P.S. I am really just saying this for help. I am not lying and this is my full report."
From a girl: "I think I would be good if I sat by...a list of three names...because I know them and I know that they will let me get my work done and I will let them get theirs done too. I can't sit name...because he has way too many annoying and distracting things."
From a girl: "I feel as if me and S have been able to get our work done by sitting by each other. We talk about problems we are stuck on or we give each other helpful ideas and don't talk when we're not supposed to. I know you probably won't consider this idea. Please, if you can, and if you are ok with this, please let me sit by...a list of three names."
From a girl: "I could do well sitting by anybody, but when me and E sat together, we worked on stuff together and helped each other on math and other things."
From a girl: "I can't sit by...a list of eight names. They called me a dinosaur."