Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Churning of Yellowstone Lake

Here are some shots of Yellowstone Lake from Sedge Bay, Mary Bay, and the window at the front desk of the VC. We had a couple of really windy days and so the lake was just churning up all this sediment causing big black waves to crash onto the shore.

A Good Samaritan came up to the desk to report that a Chinese man who spoke almost no English at all had purposely driven his SUV into the lake at Sedge Bay. He then tried to reverse out of the lake but kept burying his vehicle deeper into the wet sand and mud. TR called it into "comm" (Command/Headquarters) and they said, "We've already heard about it and we're sending LE (Law Enforcement) and YPSS (I'm not sure what this stands for buy my best guess is Yellowstone Park Service Station--they have tow trucks). The woman was really worried about this gentleman with California plates saying, "He was almost crying!"

I think I would cry too upon realizing what trouble I had caused for myself.

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