Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day and Such

I've been having a jolly good time correcting things lately. I believe this is my first experience being cited as a source in someone's bibliography. Read the long paragraph in the middle of that one slide beginning with the word "Texas" for some great voice in the writing as well as for all you need to know about famous folks from the Lone Star State--great info! The Valentine boxes were really cute, but I had never seen a hair salon before so I thought I should showcase that one. I love how the sink is the drop for the Valentines. I asked where she got the idea and she smiled and said, "Pinterest!" I think the dynamite must have come from Pinterest as well. Cute, cute room mothers brought the best party and my cute, cute kiddos all had fun. I smile and laugh every single day at my job! xxo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snowshoeing with Friends

It seems I have found a way to upload photos once again.

So I have a Japanese coworker and last month I took her and her brothers snowshoeing (the ranger had to work but met us for lunch afterward). We had a blast!

Turns out they are avid skiers and snowboarders in Japan, but hadn't had the chance to do much here. They were perfectly comfortable with everything. When I hiked with the teachers last fall and encouraged folks to go ahead and not worry about me, nobody really went ahead. When I made the same invitation to these guys, off they went! I just told them to not go past the 1.5 mile mark and it all worked out beautifully. They are such great folks! Now we just need more snow...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We love Amazon...we just can't afford it. Our Prime is about to run out. I did not receive one single Amazon gift card for Christmas this year, so without the gift cards, I'm not ordering books for my Kindle or anything. However...

They announced the 2015 Newbery Awards last week, so I hopped online to buy the Newbery and the two Newbery Honor books. Three books. They came in three different packages. On three different days. Via three different companies.

The first was delivered by UPS. We got a note on the door saying they delivered it to the complex office. Well, because of our work schedules, we couldn't get to the complex office for another three days. Shucks. Finally retrieved it.

The second was delivered by the USPS. Got a note in our mailbox saying it was left at the post office. Went there and waited in line no less than 42 minutes to pick up that package.

The third was found propped up next to our front door. Thank you Fed Ex. Glad no one thought to steal it before we could get home from our jobs.

I've read two of them and am half way through the third.

I would think that three books could all come on the same day in the same way, but no, that's not how business is done. I think drones would be cool delivered at my school because that's where I am during "business hours." Free shipping, but actually GETTING the books takes TIME.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Keeping Up With the Times

I guess BLOGGER wants me to load pictures through Chrome or something. I'll get there.

My husband continues to amaze me with cooking and cleaning and laundry and errands. I crashed after we went grocery shopping together this afternoon. It was 3:00 p.m. I woke up and jumped out of bed at 6:00 p.m. thinking it was 6:00 a.m. The fire alarm was blaring from the neighboring building and I felt I should get dressed for an evacuation. I could NOT figure out why the kitchen light had been left on all night as I noticed it seeping under the bedroom door. When I emerged, my husband was fully dressed and sitting on the couch calmly watching television.

"What are you doing up so early???" I demanded as I pulled a shirt on.

He laughed. And then he brought me up to speed. I had merely napped for three hours, not an entire night. I could, "Calm down and take it easy."

The other morning he inquired if I had remembered asking him a question when he crawled into bed the night before. I had no recollection of the matter. According to him, I asked, "Where AM I? Where ARE we??" He replied that we were at Home. "Oh, okay!" And that was all of my sleep talking for that particular night.

He made the best pork sausage meatballs and fettucini for dinner tonight. He did a load of whites. He took the recycling out. He washed the dishes. He let me sleep.

I guess parent/teacher conferences really took it out of me this time. I guess Blogger is just trying to keep up with the times by forcing me to download Chrome and browse through that...I'll get there, I'll get there.