Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Loved Monticello, Little Mountain! The shade outside was Heavenly. The house tour was great...the guy was a scientist. Loved to share knowledge and believed that it NEEDED to be shared! The grand entrance was decorated with taxidermy and inventions. He said, "I cannot live without books." So...TJ and I are what you might call kindred spirits. The whole slave issue was tough with the guy who was talkin' Freedom. I did the house tour, the garden tour, and the slave tour and out of the three...the garden tour was da BEST! Her name was Harriet and she seamlessly tied history to plants. They have plants that Lewis and Clark sent back from their big road trip in the early nineteenth century! I had to photograph tobacco blossoms and leaves. The leaves of the sensitivity plant curled up when touched (we each got to touch). TJ's garden was a laboratory and those clay pots have sea kale growing in them (along with black widows).

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