Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Broken Top Loop Trail at Craters of the Moon

We hiked both the Broken Top Loop Trail as well as the caves trail. I didn't go into any caves because I didn't want to risk injuring my surgery knee, but TR went in and was only 10 minutes behind me meeting back at the car. We saw a snake! Ken can't believe what a snake magnet I am. We hiked to the Blue Dragon Flow overlook and spied lava bombs and bread bombs along the trail. We saw actual blue color in the black lava. We saw amazing cracks and learned about lava "toes." We hiked over pahoehoe and through a'a.

I earned my "lunar ranger" badge and on the way over to Rexburg, a moose crossed in front of our vehicle between Howe, Idaho and Mud Lake, Idaho. We could not believe we saw a heat-stressed moose out there.

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  1. Cool pictures of all the lava - and cool that you know the names! I was surprised to see your Moose picture - not what you would expect out there in the middle of nowhere with no trees or water nearby. At least I wouldn't expect it.