Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wapiti Trail and South Rim

So after Clear Lake we backtracked a bit until we picked up the Wapiti trail. This led us down a ridge overlooking Hayden Valley. Honestly, that third may not realize you're in the west...could pass for the Great Plains? We were keeping our eye on that bison. He laid down and we proceeded, but then after just a bit of walking on our part, he stood up. However, he stayed on his side of the kettle pond (leftover from glaciers) and we stayed on ours. Later we noticed a couple more bison which we couldn't see from our previous vantage points. Further in the distance were three big bull elk watching our every move. Even if you don't see any wildlife around, they're around, and they're watching you.

We picked up the South Rim trail after awhile and loved the rushing water under the Chittenden Bridge. We found a good spot to watch the Upper Falls and since we were in the Rainbow Time Zone, we snapped photos of that too. All too soon, our hike was over when we made it back to Uncle Tom's. On the way back to Fishing Bridge, this bison crossed the road, stopped traffic, and then got off the road. Mr. Bison, I just thought Lupine looked so good on you that I had to snap my three thousand and first photograph of a Yellowstone bison.

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