Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MTC Drop-Off

He is prepared. He is all of the other Boy Scout qualities too! He is the Lord's missionary. We pulled into the MTC and a host approached the car and said, "You have about one minute to say goodbye." All four of us jumped out, got the suitcases out, he hugged his mom and dad for the last time for two years, grabbed a suitcase (the host grabbed the other), and off he went, never looking back. He was SO excited to get this thing started!

I heard the host ask, "Where you going, Elder?" He said, "Korea Seoul South." All business. The eight year old who asked me to speak at his baptism is now an eighteen year old missionary!

He did say, "Love you, Aunty Jo," as he strode right past me toward the MTC. Love him.


  1. How incredibly awesome for all of you!!!!! (and wow, he looks so very young!!!)

    1. Yes, he looks young and is young (turned 18 in April). He is short (like his folks) and thin. However, he is healthy (ran track and cross country) and valiant in the Gospel. He has studied Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic...which should help him to acquire Korean. He played 3-4 instruments in 3-4 bands/orchestras in high school. Went to all-state choir. He was the drum major the last two years for his high school marching band. He's performed in school musicals and plays. Wants to teach math. Graduated with honors. Was homecoming king this year. He was on a missionary schedule having companion study with his dad and going to bed on obedient. Sorry, boasting is never good. :)