Sunday, October 8, 2017

Each New Day is an Experience!

Ah, so much has gone unrecorded...missed. I hate our new computer's photo downloading/uploading process. Hate. So much that it makes me not want to try blogging.

This is the most difficult beginning of a school year I've ever had. I wish I could properly satisfy all of the requests being made, but I leave so much undone every day when I walk out the door.

The kids are AWESOME! I love them. They make my day everyday. I am so exhausted at the moment that I can't think of one funny thing to share with you.

Maybe someday, in old age and retirement (if I can ever afford to retire), I will catch up on the blog. For now...ppphhhhht.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Anemone Geyser and Mud Pots

Anemone is a really cute geyser because it's pretty, erupts every 7-10 minutes, and drains in a swirl like a toilet. Little kids love it. It only gets about six feet high and you can stand right next to it on the boardwalk. I always stop and wait for it when I pass by because I can't get enough of its cuteness. And then there are thrilling things happening at the mud pots all the time. I REALLY can't get enough of the mud pots.

The Sanders Family Visits Yellowstone

Back in the day I attended this Young Single Adult Ward at Church. That's where I met the Hirsch Boys and the Sanders Boys. I'm not sure why I became friends with all those guys...maybe it's because some of them were my home teachers, but at any rate, we're still friends. When Jeff married Rina our friendship became dormant, which is only good and right. I did call him up once to tell him I was engaged and he asked me what my fiance did for a living. When I told him he was a park ranger, Jeff said, "Ah, that's just perfect for ya, Jod." I'm pretty sure I met Rina before they were properly engaged and I remember that she gave me a gift at the time. Well, she's been giving me gifts ever since! Whether we visit them in Phoenix or they visit us in Yellowstone, the girl is always showing up with presents! I think it may be her Love Language. I'm so glad Rina reached out to me on Facebook several years ago. We reconnected in person in January of 2014 when they were visiting family in Utah. That's the first time they met Ken and the first time I met their children. We're not in touch all of the time, but "lately" we've seen each other more often and it was a pleasure to spend a day in the park with them. Their children are funny, brilliant, and beautiful. Because of the nature of Jeff's work (and Ken's work), I've actually been able to spend more time with Rina and the kids. She is so nice!

They got to go on Ken's Geyser Hill Walk before they left the park. I hope they'll come play with us again.

Granite Ghost Town

We visited a Ghost Town called Granite near Phillipsburg, Montana and we had a lot of fun walking around and exploring. The one scene is what's left of Miner's Hall. The Superintendent's House was very cool and mostly intact. For a good half hour we had the place to ourselves and then others started showing up. We had lunch "in" the Catholic Church.

Thistle--the Most Beautiful Invasive Plant to Photograph

Lest anyone mistake my posts...I am not a photographer, so please don't ever think I'm boasting about my photos--I just post because I think they're pretty or they remind me of a fun time somewhere with my husband. For some reason, I have a thing for thistles and yet...they are so nastily invasive, I shouldn't post photos. Sigh.

Kamping Kar Kontinues to Show Us a Great Time!

Our 2007 Toyota RAV 4 has really served us well, all 263,000 miles of its life! We found the little campground called Potossi and it was perfect! We set our tent up next to South Willow Creek and made fajitas in the cast iron over the fire. The fireweed were full of fuzzy bees and we just talked and read while waiting for dinner to cook. In the morning, we forded the creek in our vehicle to find the unsigned trailhead to the hot spring. We hiked to the hot spring and had a great little soak while watching some juvenile golden eagles take hunting lessons. We had the entire camping cul-de-sac to ourselves, the trail to ourselves, and the hot springs to ourselves. This is the life! All free. All fun. It may not be as perfect next time, but I hope to camp at Potossi in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana again!

Grizzly in the Park Between Gallatin Gateway and West Yellowstone

We were headed back into the park after a fun weekend when this grizzly had the decency to grace us with its presence, sunset spotlight and all.

Bison--Didn't See Them Enough This Year

One morning I just had to go to Hayden Valley to get myself stuck in a long and crazy bison jam, because, you know, bison. Funny how North America's largest land mammal can make you feel all sentimental and melancholy.