Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Because of Ann Mitchell

I've been searching for a photo of Ann and canNOT find it on my computer. However, her blog is attached to this blog, so just go on over to Ann's blog to meet her for yourself.

So because of Ann Mitchell and her love of American History and the fact that she's on the board of the Utah Chapter of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, I just got back from an incredible Presidential tour with 50 teachers from around the country!

Ann is such a generous person in so many ways to so many people. Once again, I was the fortunate recipient of her generosity. My airfare, hotel stays, and tickets to all the venues, NONE of which I had ever visited, were all financed for me! I am grateful for this scholarship.

Be warned, I was perpetually perspiring the entire six days. Cameras were prohibited most of the time. I heard a lot of information, lecture style, from a lot of guides in a lot of historic places, so I'm not sure I caught as much as I should. But I'm grateful for every bit of the experience.



    This is a link to my trip. We went to a lot of places you didn't go to...and you went a lot of places I didn't go to. I went to:
    Woodrow Wilson's retirement home (Pentagon City), Lincoln's Cottage and Memorial (DC), Sherwood Forest (John Tyler's home, Charles City), Washington's office (Wincester), Woodrow Wilson's birthplace and Presidential Library (Staunton), John Marshall's home (Richmond), the church where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me liberty of give me death (Richmond), George Mason's home (Lorton), University of Virginia (Charlottesville). The perfect trip would be to combine both! Glad you were able to go!

  2. How amazing and wonderful! So glad you got to go!