Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last Day of School (Again)

Whelp, 'tis finished. I will miss all these little humans! As I was handing out report cards and saying goodbye to each student, one boy approached and said, "Mrs. Kyburz, I promised the class I would perform Let it Go one last time." So I allowed it. This time it was a parody, dramatically executed, complete with new words. We were ALL in hysterics. Honestly, I wonder what rehearsal in his bedroom at night really looks like! But someday he'll have his own talk show and everyone needs to get their start somewhere. Let it ever be known he started in Mrs. Kyburz's class back in fifth grade!

I received too many gifts. They are each precious, but the heart-stealer of the day was a blade of grass. It's easier to understand when you read the note on the back. Those little darlings!

Goodbye little bear cubs! Time to kick you out of the den at Kamp Kyburz. I have a new crowd due in around the middle of August.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cleaning Classroom for Checkout

So I had to give in to the nostalgia and snap a few pics when I finished cleaning tonight. I was physically at school from before 5:00 a.m. this morning until after 6:30 p.m. this evening. The rags are now bleached, washed, dried, and folded. Students can sign up for our CLASS REUNION in August (it's really a work party). The shelves are all EMPTY so they can be moved for new carpet (what a pain). And of course, I thought I should photograph the OLD carpet which was new in 2000 when I helped open the school. I remember how crisp and fresh everything was (but our school still looks great thanks to our amazing custodians). I was so happy to have matching furniture instead of the 23 different styles and colors of chairs I had in my classroom at Alpine Elementary. And commencement address sits on my desk in the form of picture book presented to me by cooperating teacher when I student taught through the University of Montana. I cry every year. I love these kids so much! It is tough to say goodbye. I love Yellowstone as well, but it is always a summer without children. A month or so ago a student asked me what my favorite day was out of the whole year. My answer was, "Back to School Night!" Until then.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bison Drinking at Indian Pond

The bison are everywhere already. The rangers were saying, "Not already!" Bison jams. Bison in places we usually don't see them. Bison drinking out of Indian Pond, bison eating dandelions, bison crossing the road with bird friends trailing behind, and bison resting under the clothesline out back. Also saw deer, elk, and trumpeter swans (two pair!) this morning. And a pelican last night!

Sow and Cubs

Meet Jerry from North Dakota. He has a spotting scope and lets everyone look through it!

These are the same bears TR saw on Mother's Day except they were about 400 yards away from me so my pictures are just specs! Watching them through the scope was so much fun! In the words of another guy with a scope, those cubs are "just full of piss and vinegar!" They all look so healthy and the babies were discovering so many things out there like bleached bison ribs. They chased each other around and around forever and climbed the same tree. The sow can turn over a huge stump or log without hardly lifting a single claw--so powerful. It was a JOYFUL experience to witness these bears being bears. I spent about 45 minutes with them.

Skipping Rocks at Sedge Bay

After dinner at the General Store (pulled pork on Wheat Montana Buns) we drove out to Sedge Bay and skipped rocks. I won with 5 skips. He even reported it to his mom!

West Thumb Yet Again!

How many pictures do I have of this geyser basin? I love it SO MUCH!

What's Good at Trader Joe's?

My husband stopped for treats at Trader Joe's. He ADORES their peanut butter cups, but thought he'd try the other as well. He waited for me to arrive in YELL before opening the other one. I noticed the peanut butter cups were ALL GONE and inquired about that. His reply? "Sorry, they were too good!"

Staying with Friends

So we have some friends in Idaho who generously invite us to stay whenever we need to on our trips back and forth to YELL. Best Bed and Breakfast evah! Caleb, a fifth grader, sacrifices his room for us, but he leaves all his buddies in there for protection! I've never felt safer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Student Personalities

Student walked in with a hiking stick this morning and so I asked, "Oh? What is this?" She smiled, "It's a SURPRISE!" And then she gave it to me. I love it and will keep it forever! So much heart has been invested in that stick. Her family likes to hike and it's something she found somewhere and then put her soul into. I cannot believe I am the lucky recipient. I wonder what she will grow up to be someday.

I always have to enter grades concerning student learning habits. After years of doing this, I thought I would find out what the students thought of themselves when it comes to learning habits (scale of 1 to 10). This particular one caught my attention... I mean..."negative 27?" I wonder what he will grow up to be someday.

We had the dress rehearsal for tomorrow's dance festival. We hauled our chairs out to the field. Students were sitting in one long row. I walked along just eyeballing things when I discovered someone without ANY ribbons (everyone else had one attached to each arm and leg!). I asked and was informed that the ribbons were on his desk. I sent him in to retrieve them. He was gone far too long. I sent another to retrieve the boy. Out he came with ribbons! I assumed he would put them on while seated with the class outdoors. I assumed the wrong thing. His ribbons were on the grass next to his chair. I recruited three classmates and the four of us had him decked out in ribbons in 30 seconds flat! For the LOVE! Our fifth graders did great by the way! ;)

I hope they will all remember to tell me what they grew up to be!