Saturday, April 2, 2016

This Whole Idea of Spring Break

I loved every word of General Conference today. I loved it last Saturday with the Women's Broadcast as well. I also enjoyed Priesthood Meeting. It's a lot of hours, but the older I get, the faster the talks fly by. At any rate, our whole agenda today was to Watch General Conference. Mission accomplished.

I got up early to shower and dress, thinking I might run out to the school before the first session of General Conference to get some work done. Let's just say I showered, but never really dressed. I lounged around in pajamas ALL DAY today. I did a few other things, one of which was to finish reading a wonderful 600 page book! I kept telling myself I would head out to the school this evening but...yeah, never happened. Mrs. Nuttall, were you there? Mrs. Winters? In some ways it feels like I wasted a whole day, but when I consider all the wonderful things that entered my heart and mind, it wasn't a waste at all.

This kind of a day is so rare for me, especially considering I never stepped out of doors...I'm gonna call it a win! I know that not all of my Spring Break days will be like today, so stayed tuned for future installments.

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