Saturday, April 16, 2016

Surgery #9

So yesterday was my first knee surgery. Meniscus tear=Meniscus repair. The surgeon was in my knee for about 20 minutes. I have had no pain medication since leaving the hospital. I am amazed! Yes, I'm limping for now, but I am walking on my own with no wheelchair, no walker, no scooter, and no crutches. K is so good to me. I slept for about four hours in the afternoon and I read half a book. I will take it easy, but I was blessed to heal quickly which is something that's been consistent for me with all of my surgeries. I guess I might have to slow down a touch in the hiking department, but hey, I can still walk and I am ever so grateful to be mobile. Some people go their entire lives without that, you know? I praise Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost for blessing me, guiding me, and being involved in the small details of my life.

Our lives are meant to have obstacles and we are meant to learn how to overcome challenges. I just can't believe that my challenges have been okay. I am not sitting in my car (because the house is too scary) in Kumamoto, Japan wondering when the earthquakes will stop, but my dear friend, Sachiko, is. I keep wondering if she has water storage. The water is not clean and the electricity is out. She posted once that she's okay, but we haven't heard from her since. I have not had to make the choice to climb into a flimsy boat with my children and risk drowning in order to escape a worse circumstance found in my country, not knowing if we'll even make the trip across the water or how we'll survive once we get to the other shore. I suppose the older I get the worse my health with get because that's how it works for humans. I suppose there will be other challenges which will help me to turn to the Lord with more humility. But whatever happens, I know God is watching over me and doing His best to bless me according to His will. I just hope I can give back, pay it forward, and serve others. My heart has been so full thinking of all the people who suffer and struggle. It makes my knee surgery nothing. Nothing at all.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your thoughts on the wide variety of topics that you touch on in your blog. I struggle with feeling like anyone would care to know my own thoughts so I understand your last post, but please know there are people that read all of your posts and look forward to them! Not many are brave enough to share what's in their heads. Keep posting and overexplaining.:) I think I tend to be wordy too. Maybe it just comes from being avid readers. Right?;)