Thursday, April 14, 2016

T & D's Diner, Baker, Nevada

On the way from Nevada to Utah, we stopped off at Great Basin National Park. And then we looked for lunch. The lady at the park's VC suggested T & D's. We parked and walked in to what looked like a restaurant. Nope. It's just where you eat the food. The sign said we had to go back out and go into the STORE to order food. So we went into this little dark store and a woman told us we could find a menu at the end of the counter. I ordered a cheeseburger and K ordered a Mexican Salad. The man wrote everything down by hand and began to tally up by hand as well. He told us to go to the cooler to choose our drinks while he figured the numbers. The woman heard our order and went to the freezer to get already cooked meat out to thaw/heat/cook/whatever. We then left the store and went back into the dining area to wait. There's a window-counter that connects the two rooms, the store room and the dining room...all in the same building. You're just not allowed to order through that window. We could hear the people who came after us ordering from the store even though we were in the dining room.

Our food was ready so K stepped up to the window-counter and grabbed it. The pickles on my burger were sweet, not dill. Hm. K had a hard time with his salad. Some other customers were ordering pizza which looked great so I guess we messed up there...perhaps next time we'll get a pizza. There's another window-counter in that dining area. That's where you're supposed to put your tray and stuff when finished. The man came out of that window by shoving the counter away from it's position.

Oh well, they have a system and they're making a living. Oh and they're painting a mural of a bristlecone pine on the wall. They had a ladder next to it and the one table over there was roped off with a sign that said, "This section closed." There were five tables total I think. I found it slightly humorous that one table being roped off was considered a whole section of the dining area. I'm from rural Montana so I get the whole small town vibe. People just make it all work somehow, wherever they are.

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