Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Last Sunday--27 March 2016

Easter was a quiet affair around our house. K boiled eggs the night before and I dyed them the morning of while he slept in. We only had blue and yellow dye, so there you have it. We now currently own zero food coloring. K was visited by the Easter Bunny who sported all manner of chocolate with peanut butter and chocolate with mint, along with a few other sweets. I was treated more sensibly by the Easter Bunny with a carton of fresh strawberries. Beautiful!

Church was beautiful and uplifting and inspiring, as it is each and every Sunday. I'm so glad we get to go and truly celebrate these Christian holidays by worshiping Christ.

Later, K made his first (and possibly last, but only because of the expense) prime rib. He included all the fixings, but the potatoes were prepared The Jody Way.

It was a wonderful, peaceful Sabbath Day. He lives!


  1. I love your beautiful picture of the Savior. Also, what is the Jody Way to prepare potatoes as compared to any other way?

  2. So...if you're counting carbs and fat grams, you don't want to hear this. The Jody Way is to drain and whip the boiled potatoes with butter, milk, and salt using an electric hand mixer. Like Mom did. Nothing else needed. His way is to drain the water, get out the potato masher and mash by hand while adding a little milk and salt. Healthier, yes...until you pour gravy over the top. I don't care for gravy, so his way tastes a little bland to me. He still pours gravy over The Jody Way potatoes.