Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cleared for Exercise, Again

Went to my post-op look-see this afternoon. The PA came in. Friendly, warm, nurturing. He initialed my knee just prior to surgery. He said I had "a lot going on in there" before surgery. He seemed delighted that I feel so well after surgery. The surgeon popped in and I asked him about exercise. He gave me the green light but advised me to build up slowly.

This surgeon...not a chit-chat sort of person, but an EXCELLENT surgeon. I made up a little rhyme about him: rough, tough, but KNOWS his STUFF! True story. And the PA? Lovey, dovey, and ends the visit with a huggy. Seriously. The surgeon popped out soon after popping in, never looking at my knee. The PA, however, looked at my knee, touched my knee, explained everything while showing me the model of a knee, and said it looked "really" good!

I need no further appointments, but as we exited the room, the PA put his arm around me and said, "Don't hesitate to call at ANY time if you experience pain or any other issues."

These two men work together and couldn't be more different!

I've had quite a few faculty members tell me they can't believe how much better I'm walking. And when I went to the surgeon's office for my appointment, I approached the front desk to check in as anyone would. I gave my name, etc. and she asked, "Are you here for a follow-up?" Yes. "When did you have surgery?" The 15th. "The fifteenth of April?" Yes. "Boy! You walked in here like a normal, healthy person!"

And while waiting, a woman younger than I hobbled in with her knee wrapped. A 96 year old man chatted her up and I heard her say, "I had a scope." I thought to myself, "Yeah, me too, and I'm not limping like that."

I give all the credit to Heavenly Father and the power of priesthood blessings. It's because of Him that I can walk at all. I pray I can use my legs to serve others and become a better person. I am so blessed to have mobility.

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