Sunday, April 10, 2016

Titus Canyon--Wowzers!

I have no pictures of this drive. I guess that's because it was 4x4 all the way with high heights and low dips and washboard gravel and breathtaking views along with lots of gripping the ceiling handle in our vehicle.

From Furnace Creek head north to the Beatty Cut-off Road. You will drive over Daylight Pass which was rich with flowers! About six miles prior to reaching Beatty, Nevada, you will turn left onto the Titus Canyon Road. It is 24 miles of dirt road, but OH! SO worth your time and long as you really do have a four wheel drive high clearance vehicle...otherwise, you could find yourself in some trouble. And brakes. You'll need good brakes.

This canyon just goes on and on, up-up-up and down-down-down, past old abandoned mines and amazing vistas. The terrain keeps changing and you finally emerge after coming down this sandy, gravelly wash with incredible steep canyon walls on both sides.


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