Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Homework, the New Spring Break

So...the first thing I did yesterday morning upon waking up drug free, no longer under the influence of the medication at the hospital, was turn my attention to Homework. Even my students don't have homework over Spring Break, but I do. I read and annotated a Tim Shanahan article about the Common Core and wrote a little paper about it (it spilled over onto the third page).

When TR woke up we headed off to the temple to do some family names. I saw two people I knew there, both temple workers, Alisha Walker and Mary Sampson.

Afterward, because we had driven separately and couldn't meet up at home again, TR chose KFC for lunch. Not my fave, but I managed to choke something down. Kissed him goodbye there in the booth and headed out to school to do some work. Had the place to myself.

After working in my classroom for a couple of hours, I drove to BYU to attend my class, which was enjoyable enough. I'm a counting sort of person and so I did notice that 15/19 of us were there. I know Ellen is on a cruise at the moment, but I'm not sure what the other three were doing--Spring Break stuff, certainly. And who can blame them?

When I got home we had leftovers for dinner and then I turned my attention to laundry and tidying up the bedroom generally, complete with fresh sheets.

Spring Break ain't what it used to be, but I have a hunch we'll be squeezing in a few fun things during the remainder of the week. I may even have to miss Round Table or something.

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