Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pete Aguereberry's Eureka Mine in Death Valley

While up there in the Wild Rose area, we stopped off at this mine to explore a bit. The wayside signs said Pete lived there for forty years! A good rate of return was to get one ounce of gold for every ton of ore mined. Can you imagine? Two thousand pounds of ore dug out of the earth and you get to keep one ounce of it as gold? The going rate was $20 per ounce. They say Pete made $175,000 in those forty years.

Can you imagine what we would get if we mined for spiritual riches? What if we spent forty years consistently reading the scriptures? Going to church? Weekly temple attendance? Prayer? The return would be worth so much more than one ounce of gold. This little stop made me think more about how I choose to spend my time.

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