Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sunday Session of General Conference April 2016

Okay, so General Conference is my favorite and I write pages and pages of notes every time. For me, the stand-out topic has been using the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I wrote pages about it in my journal quoting the phrases I heard from at least ten different talks.

However, this General Conference was unusual for me. There was no Conference Casserole. In fact, there was no food at all. I was on a liquid diet. I had apple juice for breakfast and Sprite for lunch. Lots of water in between.

My thoughts also turned to two of my high school classmates who have endured colon cancer. I also thought of Aunt Chris who passed away in January from colon cancer. No, I do not have have colon cancer, however, being unable to eat made me have a little more sympathy and added empathy for those who struggle with their digestive health.

Meanwhile, TR cooked himself some sausage and eggs for breakfast. For dinner he had appetizers which included wings and pot stickers. They smelled wonderful and I began to feel a bit sorry for myself.

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