Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Long, Cali!

The poppies were all in bloom, we bought the most wonderful tangerines, I discovered these dehydrated veggie chips, the railroad museum in Old Sac was phenomenal, we negotiated our way through a Sierra Nevada spring snowstorm (meant to stop and look around in the tiny berg of Kyburz, but kept moving with the snowplows), and we even took a small detour to Virginia City, Nevada. This was our fifth visit to California as a married couple and we STILL have unfinished business! The Park Ranger has really outdone himself again--good times with the Mister! We are so incredibly blessed to have had this Spring Break together. Dare I say I'm feeling rejuvenated? Dare I?


  1. NO WAY! I went to S.F./Monterey from the 6th-13th. How did we NOT run into each other? (besides the other thousands of people there....)
    And I thought of you both when I drove past Kyburz.
    We did a lot of the same things you did. Blog posts to come :)

  2. Wow- I don't think you wasted a minute!! :) Glad you went to the museum and had such a wonderful time!!