Saturday, April 28, 2012


We humans think we're so busy and we have so many deadlines. I'll bet robins have a fairly narrow window of opportunity to do their thing according to the weather each year. Still five eggs--doesn't look like the over-achiever will try for six. Yeah, I'm getting a little tired of the daily bird posts because until something hatches, Mama will just be chillin' on her nest, turning the eggs every so often so they don't stick to the insides of the shells. She'll also be leaving now and then to find nourishment. The internet says Father is close by and she can holler at him if something alarming happens. I guess he's always willing to guard his DNA. So far, she's kept quiet while staring at me through the screen. She doesn't like me, though. Not one bit. Speaking of "chillin'", I went to visit K at Kamp Kyburz yesterday after school. Thank my lucky stars, I had a good audio book for all that stop and go on the freeway. K was engrossed in a documentary (Ken Burns' Baseball) when I arrived so we finished watching that inning. Then we snuggled up side by side on our folding chairs (a wedding gift) to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on the Wii. I won the first one, K won the second one, and I broke the tie with the third game. Yes! We decided to go out to dinner and we ended up at Maddox, "Utah's Number One Destination Restaurant." People DO love it. We waited less than ten minutes and next thing you know we were chowing on those fresh hot rolls with raspberry honey butter. I had the turkey steak, not knowing I was ordering a breaded, deep fried thing (I should ask more questions), but it was good. I still can't get over how servers have the gall to ask if you want dessert. I know it's their job, but dessert is impossible. The Ranger went to work this morning and I came back to Base Kamp after a two hour stop at my classroom. Today is Junior Ranger day and he was looking forward to giving his programs. I wanted to record a couple of things here about how nice my husband is to me. He reads Facebook, so I can't record it there! When I got to Kamp Kyburz, naturally I used the bathroom after my little road trip. Later, K used the bathroom and when he came out, he said, "I'm sorry you had to change the toilet paper roll, Sweetie." WHO SAYS THAT??? My husband. So kind! This morning, as he was attempting to put his contacts into uncooperative eyes which are dry and afflicted due to the side affects of allergy medication, he offered, "Thanks for sacrificing by coming up here to visit me." I nearly choked. Sacrificing? First of all, I do visit the boy and he visits me. Just on Tuesday we met in SLC. We see each other every week. Second of all, I'm not the one that's been sleeping on the floor for four years. And third of all, I'm not the one that's been driving 500-600 miles every week (for four years). I replied, "It wasn't a sacrifice." He said, "Well, you had to sit in traffic after working all week." Isn't he amazing? I'm so glad he's mine. Oh, and yesterday was the big anniversary of our very first kiss because I keep track of that stuff. NINE YEARS I've been kissin' that boy!
FYI/PS: I hate it when blogger changes things around. I have typed this post in PARAGRAPHS, people, actual PARAGRAPHS! And yet, it will NOT post in paragraphs. Grrr...

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