Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ode to the Railroad

We do Spring Break a little differently than most...this year's break was somewhat dedicated to the history of the Railroad. Yes, my husband works at Golden Spike National Historic Site and therefore, many of our trips focus on famous railroad sites and museums. When he worked at the cave, we visited a lot of caves. I can hardly wait to find out what his next park will be!

We looked into taking the TRAIN to San Francisco, but it was more expensive in time and dollars than we had anticipated. However, one of our first stops was in the Sierra Nevada. K wanted to hike to some tunnel and/or bridge, but the road to that place had four feet of snow on it. We had to settle for Donner's Pass and the Chinese Wall and the snow sheds built by those amazing Chinese immigrants right through granite and blizzards. The thought makes reason stare.

We stopped in Auburn, California and took a little hike to see the Bloomers Cut. This was another incredible push through tough rock which is still in use today! Nothing was more important than getting the tracks laid! These photos don't do it justice, but trust me, a train can barely fit through there!

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