Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marin Headlands

On the Marin County side of the bridge, there's an NPS site called Marin Headlands. Beautiful! K got a back country permit and camped there once. I had been once before as well, but this was our first time visiting together. We stopped in several places, but we also drove down to the lagoon and Rodeo Beach.

Looks like your basic beach scene, right? Brown sand, white foamy water...but check out the brown sand a little more closely...

So pretty! And yet...looks can be deceiving...there was a sign here advising us to avoid touching the water. They say there's a high concentration of harmful bacteria in the water at this beach. So what does my cute husband do? He runs right out and picks this thing up:

Although they call it Rodeo Beach, to me, it will always be Bacteria Beach.

We were lucky enough to catch a little synchronized water ballet at the lagoon on the way out.

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