Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Woke Up Sunday Morning...

I've been sort of watching to see if anyone would use the same nest as last year and this morning I was rewarded with these two little blue robin eggs. Perhaps when Tall returns, he'll be able to use his height advantage to see if there's one more hiding in there that I can't see. Or perhaps the parents will lay more eggs!

Looking at my blog post from last year, it would seem that like everything else, the robins are "early" this year. Last year's date for the egg photo was May 8th and of course today is April 22nd.

If you can't stand my mundane bird posts, then you'll probably have to skip reading the blog for awhile. I can only imagine that these bird updates will strongly parallel the progress we witnessed last spring. I'll never tire of the miracle of it all.

My BIG QUESTION is: Are these the same parents using the same nest or did those folks get tired of all the photographs and move on? Maybe these parents have no idea they are camped next to a female human who can't seem to get over how trippy animals really are. I should have them email the sea lions in San Francisco for tips on tolerance.

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  1. Yay birdies! We have a nest under our deck and scare away the parent when we go outside :(