Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nesting and Resting

I thought I had better document the amazing architecture of the actual nest. The internet said that robins may build a new nest on top of the old one, but that they won't actually use the old one. I think that must be the case here. I don't know if that white thing is plastic, cloth, or what, but I can only imagine Mrs. Robin squealing with delight at such a find! "Oh, that's just PERFECT for my nest!" I wonder if it was awkward at all to carry while flying. More awkward still...the process of weaving it into the nest! I wish I could have watched the nest being built. Nesting must be quite the dramatic process. Resting? Not so dramatic. "Except when that lady opens her blinds and window to take yet another picture. This is my classic 'stink-eye' pose!"

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