Monday, April 23, 2012

And then, Three

A third egg! This is what I learned online:

It's tough to make a robin egg. I won't go through the whole process with you, but Mother Robin is working hard! It sounds like many birds lay their eggs first thing in the morning, but not robins! They wait until MID-morning because their first priority is to find food. That old saying..."the early bird gets the worm" just for robins. Mother Robin needs to eat a lot to accomplish her tasks and the very best time for breakfast is early in the morning, so that's what she's up to. After a good meal, she can go back to her tree and get on with laying another blue egg. Apparently, other birds can get away with laying eggs first and then going out for breakfast.

The typical robin lays four eggs in her clutch, so we'll see what else is in store. One egg a day is the way it usually goes and when there's four, I guess she feels like that's enough mouths to feed. Mother most often tends the nest, but Father sometimes helps and sometimes bring food to Mother. When the babies emerge, both Mom and Dad wear themselves out to feed everybody.

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