Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ghirardelli vs. Jelly Belly

We hit a few outlets on this trip. With insider information from Kristen, we stopped in Lathrop, California at the Ghirardelli Outlet Store. Things are less expensive there than they are in downtown San Francisco. Case in point--a hot fudge sundae is only five dollars! So of course, I ordered one, with two spoons. K did not even take a bite. He wasn't "in the mood." He did, however, select five chocolate bars for himself because they were "on sale."

On another day, we were in San Fran and actually parked at Ghirardelli Square, so there you go, my resolve crumbled, and I ordered another sundae after briefly considering a hot chocolate. I had the Presidio (strawberry with hot fudge) and K had Butterscotch.

We did take the opportunity to stop off at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California. They had already finished tours for the day, but the sample counter was still open. We ended up buying a couple of bags of Belly Flops to share with Spike Rangers and fifth grade students. I am so mad I didn't know sooner about the Lychee flavor! I would have tried that one for sure.

In Sacramento, we made a point to visit the Blue Diamond Almond facility. They are also generous with samples and we obligingly dropped another twenty bucks there. The lady who checked us out spoke with some kind of accent and asked if we had been to the Jelly Belly factory. She said, "I took my keeds ovah dere and we ate too much sugah. We bought one mistakes bag and wi' dat, you don' know wha' da hell you ah eating!"

And in other Spring Break Food News, I must say that K made an excellent choice when he decided to take me to Mizu, a Japanese restaurant in Sacramento. They had all this sushi...and I confess I ate more than what you see on the plate. By the way, for us, Ghirardelli WINS!

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  1. Yummm- all of this looks amazing! Sad you missed the tours- at least you got the discounted chocolate!! ;)