Saturday, April 14, 2012

See Sea Lions

We went to Cliff House because we read somewhere that you can see sea lions there. Not true. We knew about the sea lions at Pier 39, but we thought we could see them more naturally on the beach or whatever. We asked about them at the visitor center and the lady said, "They moved over to Pier 39 after the earthquake back in '89." Oh. Even though it was raining, it was still a lovely day. Californians really complain, a lot, about the rain. I guess they hardly ever have it so when it shows up, it ruins their whole day. Not us! We just come prepared with rain coats, rain ponchos, and umbrellas. So good to get back to the sea!

Someone figured out back in '89 that when the sea lions showed up at Pier 39, they should build docks for them. It keeps the tourists coming around and spending money. Just like last time, I couldn't tear myself away. K knew what he was dealing with this time, so he was more patient and just let me have my fill. This is actually a really loud scene, so it cracks me up that so many of them are able to sleep, sleep, sleep right through the ruckus!

Part of the ruckus is the fighting. Most of these sea lions are young males. It's just never going to be quiet when you have a bunch of teenage boys hanging out together. Sometimes they growl and snap at each other. Some of them are prone to grumpiness. The fellow that has a whole dock to himself is likely sick or injured. Every time someone else tried to jump aboard, that fellow would let them know in no uncertain terms to "get off my dock!" I don't know if that standing up position is defensive or restful.

This next photo depicts a wet, shiny guy who just landed. I loved watching them in the water as they approached a certain dock--similar to jets taking off and landing. Or maybe it would be a better visual if I suggested the high jump or pole vaulting. Of course, some of the guys already on the dock would see another dude approaching and vehemently suggest they change their plans. All this "asserting my authority" and "I'm the boss of you" stuff was going on as they learned what sea lions must learn.

Loud mouth!

Honestly, I could have stayed all day. In the rain. Dear Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy, I really, REALLY need a zoom lens for my camera (or a new camera that allows a zoom attachment?). I need to get closer to wildlife!

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