Tuesday, April 24, 2012


And then there were four, the perfect number of robin eggs according to robins.

I chose the title as if I were yelling, "FOUR!" I guess they do that in golf, but I'm thinking of the Timp Cave Trail. They have these little brass numbers pounded into the pavement every hundred feet. The purpose is really so maintenance can do their government paperwork. Instead of writing on the form, "We repaired the trail near the cave entrance by the cliff and the pine tree," they can use the numbers to more accurately pinpoint the location of their work. Visitors ask about it all day long. Sometimes those numbers really get people up to the top because as you hike up, the numbers decrease in order with ZERO being at the entrance of Hansen Cave. It can be quite motivating. Sometimes visitors practically go mad if they can't find one of them because it's covered in dirt or something. Just below the restrooms (rangers, now I'm worried I'm not remembering this correctly, it's been a long winter, please correct me if I'm wrong), the brass marker with "4" on it appears. Countless times each day, a visitor, usually the one in the lead of his particular hiking group, will yell out in encouragement, "FOUR!"

So I had to yell it out too!

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