Friday, March 4, 2016

Punalu'u Bakery

If you ever go to the Big Island, be sure to stop at the Punalu'u Bakery, our country's southernmost bakery. We actually stopped here on two different adventures. They had fresh malasadas for days. I'm proud to say they were not my temptation. I drew the line after one bite offered to me by my husband. The thing that reeled me in were their SANDWICHES! Oh my goodness, their sandwiches were made on the softest, most delicious, freshest sweet Hawaiian bread evah! Fresh sprouts, little slice of purple onion...seafood salad...perfection. So ono, yeah? I wanted to try their manapua, but never got around to it. Our ranger buddy, Karissa, recommended this place, but K's mom had been there several times and informed us we were stopping whether we wanted to or not--didn't even need to put in a request for that one.

Take note! They are always busy! All day long. Tour bus drivers stop there regularly. They have good restrooms. Prepare to stand in line but know that it's worth it.

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