Friday, March 4, 2016

Waipio Valley

The valley was closed. Thank you, dengue fever and zika virus. So the tour company improvised by giving us a rim tour. Gary, our guide, loaded us up in a big 4-wheel drive van and off we went up the muddy roads of an old sugar plantation now forested with eucalyptus trees (they grow 6-12 feet annually...astounding!). He talked story and it was a really fun time! The views were great and I enjoyed the outing. We saw many types of plants and trees, including the koa tree. Afterward, we visited several other beaches and noticed a monument to some who did not survive a tsunami. Can you see the difference between pahoehoe lava and a'a lava? A'a is not smooth. It's very rough. You wouldn't want to hike over that kind of stuff for long.

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