Friday, March 4, 2016

Spencer Beach

Okay, so this is my third post of the same day.

After the Japanese cemetery we went to more beaches and stumbled upon the nut house. I must have gained five pounds in there tasting all the samples. Yes, we dropped money in there too. Outside, they had all the nut shells and were bulldozing them up into a truck to be hauled off somewhere. We then returned to the NPS heiau site because right next door is a little beach with a haole name, Spencer Beach. THIS is where we swam in the ocean, my great joy! K's family doesn't swim, just me and K, but they all donned suits and enjoyed the beach and a little wading. My MIL was the cutest in her blue suit and blue sun hat. We were all laughing and K couldn't get over how JOYFUL I was to be in the water. He kept saying things like, "Would you calm down?" He mentioned to his mom, "In case you can't tell, Jody's really happy right now." Oh how I love, Love, LOVE swimming in the Hawaiian Pacific. So warm, the water!

Well, all good things must come to an end, so we got out and I headed for the outdoor beach shower to rinse off. Stepped away from the shower and decided to step back in because I hadn't really gotten the sand off my feet. Like a cartoon, my feet began to slide and I slipped in place for a solid five seconds struggling to find a hold until I fell forward on my belly. The whole family was there and they were quite alarmed. Not my best moment. I remained still and assessed myself. Hadn't noticed any snaps, crackles, or pops, so I refused any offers of help and got up. Everything still worked but I have a dandy of a bruise on my left arm. I am so grateful it wasn't worse. I could have knocked teeth out, broken a bone, or landed backward on my head. I could have needed a ride to the ER and I could have really ruined the trip. That will teach them to invite me next time, won't it?

We ate plate lunch for dinner, but the name of the grindz place escapes me. We also had to take our SUV back to the rental car company because there was a very large screw in the tire. We went from a Ford Explorer to an Infinity.

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