Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Guess I Wrote My First Book

I just finished the second semester of my reading endorsement. The class was called Writing as a Process and of course, we were assigned to write something. The assignment parameters were extremely loose, but after narrowing my ideas down to four projects, I decided to go with an oral history about my mom which included interviewing my five sisters. It's called Gwen's Girls and I ordered it in book form from Lulu after inserting photos (thanks to a LOT of help from dear friends, Aaron and Wendy, the most generous souls ever who will surely go to Heaven just for this!).

I don't know why my classmates would even want to read it, but I went ahead and printed copies for each of them. Here's hoping they don't think I'm that pompous.

My professor was Brad Wilcox and without him, I never woulda done it. I have more ideas for future writing projects, but I'm lacking the time what with living in two states, teaching school, taking more university classes, striving to be a stake Primary president, being the Unit Commissioner for two Cub Scout units and two Eleven Year Old Scout units, meeting up with my husband every evening for dinner and such, along with the usual cooking, dishes, laundry, sweeping, killing spiders, and all the other little life habits. Oh, and Visiting Teaching.

Don't misunderstand. When I say "book" I mean about thirty pages. But still. The hardcovers should arrive with dust jackets and everything in just a few days. Six books set me back only $83. I don't think I should save it for Mother's Day. I'd better mail them out to my sisters immediately. You never know. Once of us could kick off without warning!

Maybe you'd have to be related to laugh at that last statement.

You should write too!


  1. How awesome that? Go Jody! How many more semesters do you have left? I'm rooting for you!

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  3. Awesome, Jody. I want to see the finished product when you pass through this summer.

  4. So happy for you - what a big project! Can't wait to see it!