Friday, March 25, 2016

Poring Over

I just read a news article online that said some people were pouring over resumes to fill a vacant government position after someone's resignation.

Folks! You may find yourself "pouring" milk over cereal, but nobody should be pouring over resumes.

I've seen this same mistake multiple times recently. I know I make mistakes all the time in these here blog posts, so feel to correct me. I just couldn't stand by quietly about this poring business.

We pore over books. Look it up, please.


  1. Oh, sigh. I am SO with you! I grade 9th grade English papers now. Could we blame it on the fact that they are still children or are trying out new words? Even the more literate ones still run into similar errors. But for adults..... my favorite, admittedly hard one is "peeked" or "peaked" for "piqued".

  2. Yes, it's difficult to tolerate once you know what it should be. I could be more understanding of a ninth grader. However, a journalist/reporter who writes copy for online news? I hold them to a higher standard. And yet...I break rules all the time. I don't start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes with dialogue. I use the ellipses (ellipsis?)way...too...much! And exclamation marks! And...I type a lot of things in ALL CAPS which my next door neighbor teacher canNOT tolerate well!!! :) I need a good editor!