Friday, March 4, 2016

Koloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

On our final afternoon, we made it to our final National Park Service site. It was nice, but a tad disappointing. We stopped at the VC and the ranger made no mention of the site. She just strongly suggested that we drive over to the other entrance near the boat harbor because they would be locking the gates in the next ninety minutes and we wouldn't have to worry about getting locked in after hours. It was kind of her, but it felt like she was just set on getting people out. So we drove to the other entrance and walked in along a trail and back to the beach. There's a ton of public access back there and although they do have some NPS signs set up on the beach asking people to be respectful of the historic fish ponds (lava rock fences out in the water) and to not approach sea turtles, people were just walking right through those fish ponds and standing right next to the turtle. It didn't feel like a special place or a protected site. I'm sure budget has something to do with it. Nevertheless, we had a good time there.

Afterward, we headed back to Waikoloa to do some last minute shopping, then back to the resort to get all of our luggage that had been sitting at the bell hop desk all day, and then we returned to the car rental place, boarded the shuttle to the airport, and began the whole process of going through security.

Speaking of TSA Security, on the way out I had my hands scraped in SLC for explosives and then after I went through the machine where you lift your hands over your head with your legs spread apart, a woman had to pat me down under my arms, etc. In Kona, I went through the scanner thing and a TSA woman told me my pants were too baggy (really?) and that she wanted me to pull them up and go through the machine again. I guess I'm pretty suspicious.

Then we ate (sushi again for me, and fresh pineapple). I was growing very sleepy. Our plane took off around 10:30 p.m. and landed in LA around 5:30 a.m. (flight was less than 5 hours! Sweet!). I slept the entire time. K didn't sleep at all. We waited with K's fam until their flight left LA and then we went to our gate. Our pilot came in for the landing and we were so close to touching down when...swoop! UP our plane went again and circled around for a second try. I'm thankful for the wisdom of good pilots!

We drove home and K went straight to bed. I showered and went straight to my BYU class. I was so, SO tired! But somehow I've made it to Friday night! Aloha!

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