Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thorns and Roses

Yesterday one of my boys rolled his eyes at me when I asked the class to quiet down and focus on their writing. I asked in a calm voice, "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" He looked me in the eye and nodded his head "yes." I had to talk to another boy about pinching others. I had to talk to another about hiding someone's lunch box for two days in a row. And then an incredibly angry kindergarten boy punched me in the stomach as he ran toward home--the joys of bus duty (don't worry...very unusual...this child was hitting and kicking others as well...the principal is aware and it didn't hurt one bit...students at our school are very husband laughed his head off when I told him).

However, there are roses every day at work as well. I had recess duty yesterday and one of my students loyally stands right next to me, chatting, the entire time, week after week. I'm always the last one out of the classroom when we go out because I want to make sure no one is lingering longer, and when I emerged from the school onto the playground, he ran toward me yelling, "YAAAAAY!" Some little girls in a lower grade walked past me at bus duty, smiling and waving and calling out, "Hi, Mrs. Kyburz!" I looked hard, but I didn't recognize them as younger siblings of my students--no idea who they are! And yet, I find it touching that they know who I am and are sweet enough to greet me by name. A girl from another class presented me with an alum crystal she made. She excitedly told me about purchasing the materials and mixing it up and every other detail that goes into making these crystals. I love that she was so animated about doing science! And a boy from another class came up to me after school (me, wearing my orange bus duty vest) and handed me a picture he had drawn (really good artist) of his new hamster, Tranquil.

One boy was headed home on stick, I think. I was cognizant of the recent ice, snow, and slush, so I asked him to be really careful and watch for cars. He said, "You be careful on your drive home, too, Mrs. Kyburz."

So many roses! Bouquets and bouquets of roses! I can tolerate a few thorns. After all, they make good stories.

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