Thursday, January 14, 2016

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

How grateful I am to have this wonderful husband! I believe I snapped these photos of him whilst in Kansas last month--tall grass prairie. My Midwestern boy smiling in the Midwest! My kitchen guy who tells me to turn the burner down to "7" when actually there are no numbers whatsoever on the burners! The man who emails me to say, "Sweetie, these are some things I would like for my birthday...and if you get this at Target...remember we saw that at such-and-such store...?" Yep, he's getting everything on his entire list! This is the boy who begins celebrating his birthday two days prior and continues celebrating four days after. It's more of a birthweek or a birthmonth if you ask me! This is the guy who mutters in the morning, "Hard to get going." Somehow he married a woman who bounces out of bed bright and early every day. This is the guy who chooses a different animal postcard matched to the personalities of each of his cousin's six children and sends them in the mail with cute notes. This man woos me with geology videos in the tent. He's the kind of person that agrees that we should just "go be with the caldera." Well! I could go on. And on. But that's just mush to you.

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  1. What a good read! Happy Birthday Ken. Having your wife for a friend makes me happy, and hearing of your varied and always interesting adventures makes my life richer. Wishing you a wonderful year full of things you find amazing and amusing!