Friday, January 1, 2016

First Hike 2016

In case you are unaware, there's a movement (no pun intended) out there called "First Hike." The state parks in Utah have been promoting it and I'm sure it's something done around the country. The whole idea is to get OUT on New Year's Day and to make a goal to get out more often. At first I thought, "Hey! They stole my idea!" Which is ridiculous of course. Just because I do something doesn't mean I'm the one who thought it up originally.

My dear husband opted out this year. Also, we didn't do it last year because of my torn gastroc. So I called my long-time hiking buddy, Loretta, and we tromped around her property in Alpine--plenty of snow! Sippy came along but beagles just weren't built for deep snow, so we took her back home after awhile and then pressed on to the pear orchard on the other side of the stream. We were breaking trail some of the time and following deer tracks at other times. We chatted. We cried. We laughed. And afterward we ate chili cooked by her husband. Doesn't that sound PERFECT? Well, it was.

My boy opted out because his idea of a perfect New Year's Day is sleeping in as late as he wants with the DVR set for all the important parades and games the night before. I found him exactly where I knew I would when I finally found my way home--in the big leather chair smack in front of the big screen tv. We are both content.

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