Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baking for my Husband

Is there anything so domestically picturesque as a plateful of peanut butter cookies?

On the drive back from the funeral, my husband asked me about making these cookies. Apparently I haven't made them since before we were engaged! I couldn't believe it! He doesn't ask me for much, so I thought I would oblige.

But first, I needed a nap. We had lunch here at home once we unpacked the car and then I collapsed straight away. Just prior to doing so I instructed my husband to wake we up at any time, especially if it looked like I might sleep forever, so that I could be up for awhile before going to bed at a normal time. I went down at 1:15 and he gently woke me up at 4:30. I was shocked.

I actually apologized to him for wasting a Saturday afternoon when we could have been out snowshoeing or something. I muttered something about not being the fun ranger girl I was earlier in our marriage. He just leaned over me on the bed and said, "I'll take you just the way you are."

I smiled, "THAT was the PERFECT answer! You WIN!!!"

Then he informed me he was headed to the grocery store and did I need anything else and oh-by-the-way-I'm-going-through-the-McDonald's-drive-thru-for-my-dinner-would-you-like-me-to-bring-anything-back-for-you?

And I said something like no-I-don't-think-so-but-can-you-get-the-mail?

So I got out of bed and busied myself in the kitchen to be all domestic and I felt SO rejuvenated after that nap! In the midst of all this I chatted by phone with four of my five sisters. My husband brought some tortilla chips home to go along with the home-canned chili sauce Cousin Mike gave to us from his mom's shelf (Aunt Chris), so I sampled that along with a cookie and that was enough for my dinner. These relaxing and lazy times where I really should be somewhere doing something (classroom, homework, church work, temple) are just so pleasant. I decided to block all of my other responsibilities out of my mind and just enjoy these rare moments at home with husband as those big fluffy flakes of snow piled up outside.

While the chocolate was cooling, we watched some videos our bishop emailed to us regarding Sabbath Day Observance and talked about those. It was a perfect evening.

My husband thanked me profusely for going to the funeral with him (taking a day off from school) and kept praising me for all the things I do for him and our family. I just laughed my head off because while I was napping...he cleaned both toilets with absolutely no hint or assignment or suggestion from me! He doesn't know how good I have it! Cookies are such a small request.