Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goat on Playground

Students came running and screaming inside this morning, "There's a giant goat with horns on the playground!"

Took me a moment.

Words like HUGE and GIANT were thrown around everywhere, but it's all about perspective. I apologize for cutting our trusty aide's face off in the photo, but you can see that she and our trusty assistant principal had the situation wrangled even whilst the animal control officer was standing nearby chatting with the farmer type holding the rope. Actually, the goat was shaking, so you KNOW those ladies were in complete control!

One of my students was a few minutes late arriving and as she walked past, she said, "Mrs. Kyburz, I know that goat. It belongs to my neighbor."

A parent posted a picture of this goat sometime this morning on Facebook. My students told me that the goat was charging a group of them but that it stopped so nobody got head-butted. The duty aides were telling the kids to get inside. At bus duty this afternoon, some kid I've never met walked past me in my orange safety vest and asked, "Did you hear about the goat?" Big smile on that kid's face.

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  1. You know what, I love living in Lehi. I don't know how many times big animals have gotten out and the neighbor unawer, that we have not had to chase after and tie back up. 2 years ago my son and friend were hanging out and the neighbors cow got loose. Ran right past our house. So the boys grabbed our dogs leash and chased after it. I was driving home and saw them just walking this cow down the street. Oh I wish I had taken a picture! The stories I have that involve my neighbors animals are hilarious.