Sunday, January 24, 2016

Aunt Chris Has Progressed

Just a bad little snapshot (taken at Grandpa's farm in September) of a lady who crossed over to the other side around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. She was a bit upset a couple of days ago because the only person she hadn't seen but really wanted to see before she passed was her brother, Steve. Steve didn't have money to hop on a plane from Cali until this Tuesday. However, Steve's relatives pitched in and got him a plane ticket. He arrived last night and got to see his sis. She breathed her last today. I guess that was all she needed.

Some people are taken without warning. Some people, like Aunt Chris, get to have a lot of visitors while they are of sound mind. Some leave while alone and some are surrounded by family members. It all plays out differently, but the important thing is she is not in physical pain anymore and trapped by all those diseases. What a gift to be able to say goodbye to so many and keep your wits about you. Her diagnosis was a month ago--shorter battle than some. So glad we got to see her a week ago today. Hope I can be strong and peaceful when my time comes.

Bless you Dear Aunt Chris. Alma 40:11.

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