Saturday, January 2, 2016

Big Island Sam's

Folks have been RAVING about Big Island Sam's on Facebook so we tried it tonight. I loved it! TR...not so much. The mac salad was ruination for him due to the ingredient known as "tuna."

We also went to the wedding reception of a former roommate of mine. I saw so many people I haven't seen for years and admired how grown up their children are and found a few know, all the chit-chat. I loved it! TR...not so much. But he's great about going with me even though he doesn't know anyone and isn't inclined to chatting people up at social events.

I went to the library and checked out a lot of books. I'll never get them all read, but since Christmas Vacation is OVER, I have to at least carry them around and look at them for awhile before I turn them in, wistful, unread.

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