Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Purple Prickly Pear and Stuff at Zion National Park (NOT "Zion's!")

Let's be clear. The name of the place is Zion National Park. It's not Zions or Zion's or ZiON. Just Zion. Try it! Try to be correct on this one detail. Thanks.

After a sad goodbye, we headed North yesterday and stopped by Zion National Park. It was chilly and the trails were icy, so we only tried a couple of them and didn't get all that far. We need to buy some YakTrax (or however the company spells that). Still, it was fun to be outside and it made me think about what a wonderful thing my parents did for us by raising us in the woods. I am so comfortable in the outdoors because of it and the park was just FUN. After visiting the main canyon we drove through the tunnel and out toward Checkerboard Mesa. Yeah. My Checkerboard Mesa was covered in snow and then...there was a mini-avalanche on the road which we drove through/over. Snow in Zion--a first for us. Sigh. A lovely weekend with my ranger. The national parks served as bookends to an emotionally upsetting time. How have the parks healed you?

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  1. Hiking rim to rim in Grand Canyon has done it for me. Also, I can't stand it when people pluralize Zion. :)