Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kidnapping My Adorable Mother-in-Law From the Hospital

K's mom loves rocks. Loves geology. In fact, we gave her a couple of geodes for Christmas (don't worry...along with other stuff). When we walk on Grandpa's farm, she grabs a hammer to smash rocks open in hopes of finding terrific fossils. She's the kind of person who chats about concretions with great enthusiasm.

She's also a nurse. She's been helping with Aunt Chris for over two weeks now--flew in from out of state. Goes to the hospital every morning and leaves late at night to stay with K's cousin and family. She's an emotional rock for her brother and sister-in-law and all the family really.

So we kidnapped her from the hospital and took her on a little walk at Pioneer Park. Just what she needed. We thought of Snow Canyon Stake Park but she felt like that was a little too far away from the hospital, so we settled on this wonderful playground of meandering.

And that's about all the medicine we had for our suffering family members.

Anyway, she's amazing. Too bad most of you don't know her.

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