Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Days 8 and 9

Monday 15 June and Tuesday 16 June 2015

They have me working the front desk now. It's great fun for now although the purpose of putting a volunteer in there is to assist the rangers, but neither of the rangers leave while I'm there, so I'm not sure it's helping them, but it does help take care of all the questions visitors have. I have learned so much from the rangers and they seem patient with my mistakes and learning curve. I photographed some grizzly tracks along the lake shore behind the Visitor Center--not great photos, but it is something to see a long trail of grizzly tracks headed somewhere. You can see Storm Point is aptly named. I tried to go to Mud Volcano with another ranger, but it was his first time doing that program so I backed off. I tried hanging out in the map room to answer questions for visitors, but no one said a word, so I went back to the desk.

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