Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Day 7

Friday 12 June 2015

There will be no photos of our time in Grand Teton because I left my camera battery in the charger at Fishing Bridge. I was BEYOND upset about this. Seriously, life was over. And the Tetons are STUNNINGLY beautiful.

Woke up in Colter Bay Campground this morning which has 350 campsites and who knows how many restrooms. Who did I run into? Gayla Johnson, a substitute at my school. I was exiting the bathroom and she was entering and we hugged! SMALL WORLD. If she's the only one I ran into, how many other people do I know who stayed here last night?!?

We hiked the Hermitage Point Trail along Heron Pond and Swan Lake. Saw three toads. We drove up to the Two Ocean Lake area and walked a bit more. There's a FAMILY of ground squirrels at our campsite. It's hysterical to watch these "four little kids" staring at us from their stump, processing the world around them.

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