Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Day 13

No photos today, Kids.

Kneader's Bakery, Toyota, Post Office, Salon, and Costco.

TR had a MUCH more exciting day: he and his visitors were surrounded by bison on the Mud Volcano trail. They had to wait about ten minutes for this situation to resolve itself. There were more bison later but that situation was more manageable. he's talking about a fumarole, a visitor informs him "there's a bear around the corner." So he informed his group their hike was done.

The grizzly was fifteen yards from the boardwalk. He radioed seven hundred and Kass showed up to help manage saying, "You're my hero!" I asked why Kass would say that and TR told me it's because he's so calm on the radio. So they babysat the bear and when it ventured CLOSER to the boardwalk, they sent people back to the parking lot. TR texted a couple of photos of the bear earlier in the day, but I didn't get to hear the full story until tonight. Does your spouse text photos of grizzlies fairly regularly? It's an interesting life!

So much excitement!

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